Spring is only weeks away and everyone’s thoughts turn to making their yards and houses look their best. Nothing can make or break your curb appeal like the perfect garage door. The experts at CAMCO are here to give you a few things to consider before making that purchase.

1. Get an ‘In-Person’ quote. At Camco, our guys are happy to come out and get all the details like opening size and shape, headroom,andsideclearancetonameafew. Theycaneven help you make design choices so that you get exactly what you want for your budget.

2.Beware of wood doors. They look fantastic when new but unless you are prepared to devote your money and/or time to maintaining them, they won’t look good for long. But don’t worry! We can get you that same look at a fraction of the cost and no maintenance. Ask about an embossed steel door with a faux wood grain finish.

3. Upgrade your insulation. If you are already planning on purchasing an insulated door, it’ s worth spending about 15-20% more to upgrade from extruded polystyrene to polyurethane insulation. This doubles the amount of insulating you get.

4.Think twice about installing your own door. No amount of YouTube videos can prepare you for the hours it will take as well as the special tools and amount of arm strength it will take to wind the springs. And this can be a very dangerous job for anyone who isn’t a professional. At CAMCO we will deliver, properly install your new door in just a few hours and dispose of your old door. call.

And if any issues arise, you will have someone to

5. Use a trusted manufacturer’s website to shop different styles and designs. This will help you stay within budget as well as find options you may not even know about! We are big fans of Amarr Garage Doors. Here is a link for you to check them out. Amarr.com


6. Choose windows wisely. Windows can make all the difference when it comes to the appearance of your garage door. And beyond just adding style, windows can add much needed light to the interior. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect style of for your house.

▪ If your garage is heated, upgrade to Insulated glass.

▪ For extra privacy and security, install the glass in the top panel.

▪ Match the glass style to your house windows if possible.

▪ If your garage door opening has angled rather than square corners, don’t install glass that goes behind them as it may look awkward.

7.Buy a new opener at the same time. CAMCO can install this right along with your new door and it will not only save you on labor cost but sometimes we can give you a better deal by purchasing these as a package deal. So if your old opener is showing some age or you just want one that is quieter or has more features, now is the time to do it.

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