Do you find yourself constantly worrying about scraping your car’s roof against your garage door as you enter or exit? Or perhaps you’re seeking to utilize your garage space more efficiently for storage or a workshop? A high lift garage door conversion may be the perfect solution for you.

High lift doors have become a sought-after choice for homeowners who aim to optimize their garage space and provide ample headroom for their vehicles. Unlike conventional garage doors that run parallel to the ceiling, high lift doors are mounted at an angle, enabling them to ascend higher up the wall and offer increased clearance for your car or truck.

Before you embark on a high-lift conversion, it’s crucial to consider some key factors. We will delve into the advantages of high lift doors, aspects to contemplate during installation, and the steps involved in the installation process.

What is High Lift Conversions?

A high-lift conversion entails extending the track of your existing garage door, allowing the door to move higher and closer to the ceiling while closely following the wall. By offering an additional 12 to 15 inches of headroom, a high-lift garage door enables you to take full advantage of your garage’s vertical space. This extra space can be utilized for supplementary storage or to house a car lift.

A widespread misconception about high-lift conversions is that they provide more clearance for taller vehicles, such as RVs. However, this is not the case. While a high-lift conversion does not increase your garage’s height, it does grant you more space to work with.

Components Involved in a High Lift Conversion

A high-lift garage door conversion requires the replacement of your current tracks, drums, cables, and springs to accommodate the new door trajectory. For instance, tracks need to be lengthened, torsion springs must be swapped for stronger ones, and cables have to be wound around the drum differently to maintain even tension.

Following the conversion to a high-lift door, you may also need to replace your ceiling-mounted garage door opener, as it may no longer fit in the space above the door. Jackshaft openers, for example, are mounted on the garage wall rather than the ceiling, freeing up headroom by eliminating the need for an opener rail. The powerhead of this model even incorporates Wi-Fi and the Aladdin® Connect smart system.

Advantages of High Lift Doors 

The most evident benefit of a high lift door is the increased headroom it offers for your vehicle. This is particularly advantageous if you own a taller vehicle, such as an SUV or truck, or if you have a lift or roof rack installed on your car. A high lift door can provide an extra foot or more of clearance, simplifying the process of maneuvering your vehicle in and out of the garage.

Another perk of a high lift door is the additional storage space it generates in your garage. By elevating the door higher up the wall, you can install shelves or cabinets along the garage sides without obstructing the door’s operation. This can be especially beneficial if you’re using your garage as a workshop or require extra space for storing tools, equipment, or other items.

Factors to Consider for Installing High Lift Doors

Before opting for a high lift garage door conversion, you should take several aspects into account. The most critical factor is the height of your garage ceiling. High lift doors demand more vertical clearance than conventional doors, so you need sufficient space between the top of your garage door opening and the ceiling to accommodate the new system.

Another consideration is the weight of your garage door. High lift systems utilize larger springs and cables to lift the door, meaning your door must be robust enough to endure the added weight and stress. If your door is old or in poor condition, it may not be suitable for a high-lift conversion.

Lastly, evaluate your budget and skill level. While high-lift conversions can be executed as a DIY project, they can also be intricate and time-consuming. If you’re inexperienced or uncomfortable working with garage doors and possess limited tools, consider hiring a professional to install the system.

Steps for Installing a High Lift Door

If you decide to install a high lift door yourself, follow these basic steps:

  1. Measure your garage opening to determine the size of the high lift tracks and hardware required.
  2. Install the high lift tracks along the sides of the garage opening, using brackets and lag screws to secure them to the wall.
  3. Install the new high lift torsion springs above the tracks, using winding bars to adjust the tension and ensure the door is balanced.
  4. Attach the high lift cables to the bottom of the door and run them up through the tracks, connecting them to the drum at the top.
  5. Install the high lift cable drums and end bearings, ensuring they are securely fastened to the shaft and the wall.
  6. Test the door to confirm it functions properly and adjust the tension on the springs as needed.

Tips for DIY Installations

If you’re considering installing the door with a high lift yourself here are a few suggestions and tricks to simplify the process and make it more secure

  1. Be sure to have all the tools needed
  2. Make sure you take your time and follow the steps with care. Conversions to high lifts aren’t easy, which is why it is important to thoroughly read the directions and be aware of each step before you start.
  3. Take care when working with springs. High lift doors have more torsion springs, which can be dangerous if handled improperly. Be sure to have the proper tools and follow all the precautions necessary to prevent injury.
  4. Make sure you have a person to help. Lift doors that are high in weight and may be challenging to set up on your own. With help, it could make the job easier and more secure.
  5. Consider using a garage door opener. Although high lift doors can run manually however they’re simpler to operate by using an automatic opener. If you don’t have an opener it’s the perfect time to install one.

Cost of High Lift Conversion

The cost of a lifting garage door will be contingent on many factors, such as the weight and size of the door as well as length of your ceiling, as well as whether you opt to do the installation yourself, or hire professionals. On the average, you will need to spend between $500 to $1,500 for an upgrade with a high lift.

Although it may appear to be an investment that isn’t worth it but the advantages of the high lift doors can be worth the price. In addition to having more space for your vehicle as well, but you’ll have more storage space in the garage, making it more practical and well-organized space.

Professional High Lift Conversion Services

High-lift conversions can be difficult to complete so they should only be done by professionals. Along with that it could be extremely dangerous to attempt to change the torsion springs of the garage door since they are subject to much tension. In the event that something goes wrong, you may harm yourself or your property when you don’t have the correct tools or adequate information.

The skilled technicians from Camco Garage Door Company are able to quickly and securely transform garage doors into higher-lift versions. We’ll visit your home to measure your garage and then perform a series of exact calculations to determine what components are required to complete your conversion. We’ll calculate the appropriate amount of drums, cables lengths, springs and tracks. After the conversion is completed We’ll rigorously test and test the system to make sure it’s working.

It is possible to keep your old garage doors, however you may consider changing it. For instance, if you’re thinking of buying an opener for your garage You might want to think about getting a higher-lift door as well to cut down on labour costs.

Knoxville Routine Maintenance

High-lift garage doors require regular maintenance to ensure that it operates at peak performance all year long. Garage doors are a complex system that have a variety of moving components. If there is a problem the garage door may be stuck or not function all the time.

We at Camco Garage Door Company are pleased to announce there’s a comprehensively planned maintenance plan. Our technicians will visit your home whenever you’d like to inspect, lubricate and adjust the door components. We’ll also examine on the weather strip’s condition for shrinkage, wear and damage. We’ll also alter the balance of the door to ensure that it will function effectively for the years to come. We aim to identify any small problems prior to them becoming major issues and prevent the need to spend too much money in a brand new system.


If you’re thinking about the possibility of converting your garage to high-lift There are a few things to think about. First, consider the height of your garage’s ceiling and if there is enough space for a track that is high-lift without compromising headroom. Additionally, think about the storage requirements of your garage and if you’d benefit from having more vertical space. If you’re looking to install an auto lift, a conversion to high-lift is an excellent option to make more space. Also, consider your budget. High-lift conversions tend to be more expensive than a typical track replacement, and it’s crucial to weigh the costs against the advantages.

In the end, a conversion to high lift could be a smart option for homeowners who require additional storage space or wish to build an automobile lift. It is important to consult with an experienced garage door expert to ensure the conversion process is carried out properly and safely. With the proper garage door opener, and a proper installation, you’ll be able to benefit from an high-lift garage door for a long time to follow.

Reliable High Lift Garage Door Conversion in Knoxville, TN

If you’ve figured out the importance of a high-lift garage door conversion is, let’s find out the reasons why Camco Garage Door Company is best choice to do the task. The first and foremost reason is that Camco Garage Door Company is renowned for its dependability and professionalism. We pride ourselves on providing quality services that are in line with the requirements and desires of our customers.

The company is comprised of a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians who are committed to delivering personalized services that are tailored to the particular requirements of every client. We recognize that each garage is different, which is why they spend the time to evaluate the space and then provide custom solutions that are effective.

In addition to its reliability and experience, [Company employs high-quality products that last for a long time. We partner with the top brands to ensure our clients have the highest quality products that will meet their needs and requirements.

If you’re interested in finding out more about high lift garage doors in Knoxville, TN or would like to set up an appointment at Camco Garage Door Company visit our website. There you will find more details on our products, services, and prices. There are also reviews of our past customers to get a feel of the experience we’ve had working with the company.

If you’re located in the Knoxville, TN area and want an efficient and reliable high garage door lift conversion. You should think about Camco Garage Door Company. Our team of highly skilled technicians and premium products will make sure you receive the most efficient service you can get.

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